Raising the Bengals has been a long time consideration of mine and after receiving my first Bengal for my 40th anniversary from my husband, I realized that raising Bengals for family pets, show and breeding was a full time commitment I wanted to make and to share this wonderful cat with others.

The Bengal descends from the mating of a male
domestic and a female Asian Leopard Cat in
California in 1963. 
It has since been bred to create a good natured
domestic cat that preserves the wild beauty and
the exotic look of the leopard cat. Many people
refer to the Bengal as a "LAP LEOPARD".

Although improving the breeding line of the
Bengal is an important factor, in our breeding
process we also feel that the temperament,
personality and sociability are very important
traits when one is looking for a cat to be part
of ones family.  To attain that end, we do not
cage our cats.  Once the breeding/birthing
process is completed and the kittens have
reached the weaning stage, the kittens are
integrated into our family life.  The kittens and
cats are handled and played with on a daily basis
in our home. They have access to plenty of fresh
air and recreation area  in their large secured
play areas.  We have two totally enclosed play
areas plus a large part of our backyard is
enclosed in an escape proof cat fence.

Bengals are very active and fun loving cats. They get along with other pets and enjoy playing more than most cats. Many will even play fetch like a dog and can be taught many tricks. They will become your kindred spirit and give you a lifetime of companionship and joy. Our goal is to place our kittens from our home to yours with as little adjustment as possible.
For a more detailed description of the Bengal, its background, traits, color and markings, see The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS) website at  www.TIBCS.COM

If you are interested in showing or breeding Bengals, see The International Cat Association (TICA) website. TICA is the world's largest genetic registry of purebred and household pet cats. TICA is also one of the worlds largest sanctioning bodies for cat shows for all breeds of cats and provides the rules and regulations associated with the
organization, conduct and judging of such events. TICA is a great resource for all cat lovers. TICA's home website is at
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